Le Corps à Corps, Solo (2007)

LE CORPS À CORPS I (2007) uses the musical work of Greek-French composer Georges Aperghis, which reflects on the singular combat of a musician with his instrument and his own breath. The performer is simultaneously the narrator of an epic story, the central figure of the work and a musician following the composer’s music.

Before choreographing, there was a learning phase dealing with the vocabulary and tools of dance improvisation, action theatre and Butoh. The musician had the opportunity to discover his body as a new instrument and language.

A motivation for the choreography came from an observation that musicians have a tendency to hide behind their instrument and music stand. LE CORPS À CORPS I reflexes on this hiding and brings the musician out, so that he can be seen as a performer who produces music. Movement animates a sound projecting it into the space.

This TANZ DER KÜNSTE funded project from Frankfurt’s University of Music and Performing Arts also encompasses a duo and film.


original music and text Georges Aperghis
choeography Paula Rosolen
performer Michael Gambacurta
translation Michael Gambacurta with Mareike Uhl

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