Anibal Zorrilla (Original Music)

Anibal Nestor Zorrilla (Buenos Aires, 1956) studied piano, singing, vocal technique, musical composition, counterpoint, and musical analysis. His teachers were Ernesto Epstein, Sergio Hualpa, Guillermo Graetzer, José Antonio Gallo, Aurora Fiocca, Ana Pino, Enrique Morera, Helga Epstein, Horacio Amauri, Celina Torres, Antonio Yepes, Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Schultiss, among others. He works as a pianist in accompaniment of classic and contemporary dance classes, with teachers such as Renate Schottelius, Ana Itelman, Oscar Araiz, among others.
He is Professor at the Dance Department from the National Institute of Arts (IUNA). He has worked at the Teatro Colón and at the Dance School and Contemporary Dance Company of the San Martin Theatre. He is an academic researcher, works as a pianist and composer, taking part of diverse musical and theatrical performances.

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