Claroscuro (2009)


CLAROSCURO (Spanish; claro – light, oscuro – dark) is a painting technique from Baroque time, which serves to enhance light by the effect of shadow. And shadow here means being the effect of light. Taking this relation of contrasts in which single elements come out due to their mutual interdependence, Claroscuro applies this  technique on choreography, following the idea of decomposition as composition.

As a starting point, Elliott Carters piece “90+” serves as a ground to think about irregularity and irreversibility in its relation to an overall and permanent demand of progression.
In consequence, the three performers deal with the relation of their bodies towards time and general daily norms onto those bodies.
There is a call being made for the non-valuable, the useless, the spare, the non-contemporary – the decomposed – as a space which allows to not be always in time with a predetermined and demanded pulse.

15.05.2009 20.30 h
Aix en Provence
Architectures Contemporaines, Opus 2
Festival Universitaire de Jeunes Productions Musicales in

05.- 06.06.2009 20.00 h / Loco-motion/CuP
Frankfurt am Main
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Waldschmidtstr. 4

A project by Paula Rosolen

Performance: Jacob Bussmann, Paula Rosolen, Inma Rubio
Sound: Sebastian Schottke
Artistic advisor: Lucie Tuma
Management: Maja Friedrich
Stage design: Sven Segelken, Paula Rosolen
Photography: Thorsten Ruppert

Music: Eliot Carter, Michael Nyman

Texts: Philip Ridley, Jacob Bussmann, Paula Rosolen, Inma Rubio

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