Aerobics! (2014) – 1st Prize at Danse Élargie


11.06.2014, All Tomorrow’s Dances Festival | Mousonturm, Frankfurt

14.06.2014, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris | Danse Élargie

15.06.2014, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris | 1st Price at Dance Élargie

This dance performance takes movements from a sport and physical training practice as aerobics with its militaristic and disciplining origin flourishing during the 80’ with its discourse of efficiency, productivity, workaholism and turns them into just a dance piece.

The aim is not to show an aerobic class or competition on stage, but a deep study and reinterpretation of the underlying structure of the form. Basic movements would be changed, reordered and resignified. The result could end up being unrecognizable but the main components will be there.

Five dancers investigate the relationship of Dance, Choreography and Aerobics from its aesthetics and coordinated movements. The movement vocabulary of aerobics will be taken apart in a new spatial relationship, and will be treated as dance material for choreography, applying a dramaturgical line and content for the development of movements and changes of rhythm.


Concept and choreography: Paula Rosolen

Dance: Teresa Forstreuter, Gabriela Gobbi, Christopher Matthews, Marko Milic and Paula Rosolen.




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